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  • 2016 Spelling Bee

    The 2016 Spelling Bee has started, several schools have signed up and others are signing up as well. Are you a school, teacher or parent, interested in participating in this year's Spelling Bee, Apply Now.


    Find the local language and English Word Lists here



    The Bee

    The Spelling Bee is an annual spelling competition for primary school children with the aim of improving literacy, unlocking the children’s imagination and developing key life skills. It is conducted in both local languages for P.3 pupils and English and Sign Language for P.4-P.7 pupils. It helps ignite the children’s curiosity to read and inspire them to stay in school longer as well as transform them into change agents and credible leaders.


    We believe that words change the world, and the Spelling Bee helps children learn new words, their meanings and how to use them in sentences. This enables them to understand concepts better, pass exams and stay in school longer.

    African Spelling Bee

    The African Spelling Bee is here. 10 Spelling Bee organisations from Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe have come together to create the very first African Spelling Bee.


    Together we have reached and impacted over 5 million learners through national spelling competitions, teacher trainings and reading interventions among other literacy interventions.


    This very first African Spelling Bee is happening in July 13-17, 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The top three Spellers from each country will compete against each other.


    Why Spelling Bee

    18,700,000 (52%) of Uganda's 36 million people are children below the age of 15 - the future belongs to them. Unfortunately, 71% of them are not finishing primary school in time. This is caused by, among other reasons, low competence, low literacy rates and lack of interest. In fact, Uganda is ranked lowest in the region in literacy according to a Uwezo 2012 report.


    We believe that successful people are confident, and have the right atittude. The Spelling Bee was created to enable children improve their literacy, and develop key life skills. We believe this will not only motivate them to complete school but also transform them into change agents and credible leaders.

  • Our Impact

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    The number of pupils reached in 800 Schools across the country


    The number of teachers trained in instructional methodologies.


    The percentage improvement in literacy for participating pupils.




































































  • Media Appearances

    Uganda marks Reading Day

    At 11:00 am Thursday everyone in the country stopped whatever they were doing for 20 minutes and read something to commemorate DEAR day. DEAR stands for Drop Everything and Read. The day was set aside in Uganda by the ministry of education, science, technology and sports. Read more 

    Tororo Parents Beats City Schools

    Tororo Parents primary school beats over 600 schools to become the National Spelling Bee champion for the second year running. The Spelling Bee was set up to help children improve their literacy and develop key social skills like confidence, presentation, team work and critical thinking. Read more...

    Spelling Bee in Daily Monitor

    It has been proved that someone from the remote villages can successfully challenge the urbanites. And the proof was presented at the weekend when schools from the districts of eastern and western Uganda defeated Kampala-based schools at the climax of the 2015 National Spelling Bee competition...Read more

    Spelling Bee in New Vision

    “We are living in a competitive world where your proficiency in the English language determines your future. I sometimes get letters written by University students .... Read more

    DEAR Day at Budo Junior School

    This is the coverage of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Day activities at Budo Junior School as it appeared on Urban TV. The school organised several activities such as news reading, skits and reciting of stories to mark the DEAR Day. There were about 1100 students and 50 staff present.

    A case for Local Language Spelling 

    First language literacy is key to improving over all literacy. At the Spelling Bee we are working to ignite people's interest in their local languages and making it fan to learn and master them through our local language Spelling Bees

    Spelling Bee on Bloomberg TV

    This coverage that appeared on Bloomberg TV Africa's Trends. It covers our local language version of the Spelling Bee (My Language Spelling Bee). It features pupils spelling in the local language and Bloomberg gets some expert interview on the importance of teaching and Spelling in local language and the impact it has on literacy

    Spelling Bee on Urban TV

    Just before our second season of the Spelling Bee, Urban TV invited some of our previous participants to take on their morning show presenters. The results wowed us, as the children, from different schools, who had not been peeped before hand, exhibited such confidence and articulation. This was a validation that what we are doing was actually having real impact on these children, helping them improve their literacy and develop key life skills such as confidence

    Spelling Bee on NTV

    Our very first TV appearance! NTV one of the biggest TV stations in the country covered and broadcast the Spelling Bee Grand Finale on their Children's program Planet K. This video features the competition and award ceremony, with interviews from judges and the best spellers.

  • Board of Advisors

    Rebecca Kadaga

    Rt.Hon. Speaker

    Parliament of Uganda

    Alan Shonubi

    Founding Partner

    Shonubi Musoke & Co.

    Sanjay Tanna

    Member of Parliament

    Tororo Municipality

    Ambrose Atwoko

    Director, Education &

    Social Services, KCCA

    Simon Kaheru

    Director, UBC, SMS Media

  • Our Team

    Aaron Kirunda

    Marguerite Fredericksen

    Peter Mugogo

    Julie Opoya

    Gastervus Kakaire

    Emily Potter

    Anthony Wechuli

    Brenda Naledi

    Michael Mudidi

    Musa Magumba

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