• There is more treasure in books than all the pirate's loot on treasure island

    - Walt Disney

  • #1MillionBooksTo1MillionKids

    Over 60% of Ugandan children cannot read. This hinders their ability to learn and in most cases they simply drop out of school. We can not let this nightmare continue. It is our responsibility to secure our future and the future of generations to come, by giving these children an opportunity to fall in love with books, so they can LEARN to READ and be able to READ to LEARN.


    We believe that reading is essential for our survival. Almost everything is written. Our ability to read enables us to uncover hidden treasures, written within books. Because of this truth, we have embarked on a campaign to get a million books to a million children across Uganda, as a start, and we are going to crowd fund our way to it. Which means, YOU got an opportunity to make a real difference!


    Change starts with Reading!


    Join In


    The book costs only 5,000 shillings and we would like to challenge you to buy it for your own children first, and then those children who cannot afford it, or even better you can let your children buy the book for other children, and they can write a personal message.


    For organizations and companies, you can adopt a school and buy a book for each child in the school, or you can adopt an entire district.


    For more Information, Contact us on: spellingbee@enjuba.com



    Table of Gratitude

    Justus Kizito - 10 books

  • Reading Days

    Every 2nd last Saturday of the Month

    In the effort to create a reading culture and support parents with this, we have created Reading Days together with Smart Toto, to enable children ages 3-13 to come in and enjoy a reading space and learn other literacy related games.


    This is also an opportunity for children of different schools to interact and make friendships that will last.

    National DEAR Day

    Every third Wednesday of March

    It has been said many times that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book – you don’t even have to write it. Just place it in a book. This is used to point to the fact that our reading culture is very low, it’s like we have a hate relationship with books.


    So in an effort to promote a reading culture and love of learning on a national scale in Uganda, enjuba, in collaboration with Peace Corps Uganda and the Ministry of Education has come together to designate a specific day and time, where everyone in schools, communities and organizations across Uganda puts down what they are doing and engages in reading.


    DEAR Day is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the importance of literacy and a reading culture while also celebrating the community and its members. Teachers, pupils and organizations can engage in activities such as: Silent Reading whereby a reader reads silently to him or herself using any material available, Buddy Reading whereby two people take turns reading the same book to each other and Read Aloud where one person reads a book or text to a classroom or even a whole school or colleagues at work or in the market.

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