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  • We believe that words change the world, and that we can harness their power to transform our country and and the world. enjuba Spelling Bee is building on this transformative power of words in schools to enable children improve their literacy, to unlock their imagination and help them develop key life skills such as confidence, teamwork, critical thinking and presentation. We are doing this through a Spelling and Writing Competition. Our programs have been approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports.

    The Bee

    The Spelling Bee is an annual spelling competition for primary school children with the aim of improving literacy, unlocking the children’s imagination and developing key life skills.


    It is conducted in both local languages for P.3 pupils and English and Sign Language for P.4-P.7 pupils. It helps ignite the children’s curiosity to read and inspire them to stay in school longer as well as transform them into change agents and credible leaders.


    We believe that words change the world, and the Spelling Bee helps children learn new words, their meanings and how to use them in sentences. This enables them to understand concepts better, pass exams and stay in school longer.

    African Spelling Bee

    We believe in Africa and that the children of Africa are the future. The African Spelling Bee is bringing Africa together.


    The second African Spelling Bee is here. 15 African Countries will be participating, bringing together each country's top three winners.


    Together we have reached and impacted over 10 million learners through national spelling competitions, teacher trainings and reading interventions among other literacy interventions.


    This second African Spelling Bee will take place in July, 2009/2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The top three Spellers from each country will compete against each other.

    Why Spelling Bee

    5 of every 10 Ugandans are children below the age of 15. The future belongs to them.


    Unfortunately, 71% of them are not finishing primary school in time. This is caused by, among other reasons, low competence, low literacy rates and lack of interest. In fact, only 32% of children in primary 3-7 can read a primary 2 story according to Uwezo and basic english literacy is at 12% in public schools.


    We believe that the Spelling Bee is a key catalytic tool in a child's development, helping them improve their literacy, develop key life skills and unlock their imagination. It also ignites their curiosity to read as well as motivate them to complete school and grow into change agents and credible leaders.

  • See the World Differently

    Improving literacy and developing key life skills

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